Program Certification: Looking Ahead to 2019


Program Certification: Looking Ahead to 2019

By Heather Rich, MPA

The 2019 program certification application opened on Dec. 1, 2018, and will close Feb. 28, 2019. We are in our second year obtaining performance measures through the application. We have been talking about these measures for some time. Please ensure your program is ready by visiting the PM Measures website here.

We continue to strive for the best experience possible when prepping for certification. With the launch of the new application system last year, we would like to share some helpful tips below.

  • Ensure that you have completed each page. Edits can be made up until your final application submission.
  • Please make sure all documentation is merged into a single PDF format per required page.
  • We recommend that programs have a secondary review/audit by additional staff prior to your submission. AACVPR Headquarters staff will not preview your application. What you submit is final.
  • With the new platform, you will have access to add additional staff members for communications regarding all aspects of your program certification application. This option will allow you to add as many email addresses as you like.
  • You can access all email communications through your certification dashboard. Under your communications you will find, application open and submission emails, invoices, payments and general reminder emails.

There are many certification resources available on AACVPR’s website. The Certification Center ( is available for any questions or concerns, however, please be patient during the months of Dec. – Feb. as you may experience a slight delay due to the volume of responses . We encourage you to refer to the application and FAQ page on the website; most of your questions can be answered in those two areas.

The program certification team appreciates all the work you do for your programs and patients. We look forward to seeing your program shine through its alignment with the latest evidence-based medicine, expert opinion, current regulations, and measurement of individualized patient outcomes.

Thank you for your commitment to AACVPR Program Certification.


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