VBC: Looking Back and Looking Forward


VBC: Looking Back and Looking Forward

By Tracy Herrewig, MS, RCEP, FAACVPR

This time of year, we often find ourselves reflecting on successes and “learning opportunities” from the past year, as well as hopeful planning for what’s to come in the next year. The Value-Based Care Committee (VBC) is no different. The committee accomplished much in 2018, but also realized there is so much more to do in 2019 and beyond. We want to congratulate all those who have undertaken projects that have moved your programs in ways that enhance the value of the care you deliver.

The website states:
“Value-Based Care is defined as a management model based on ensuring that all activities carried out by a hospital/program/personnel are justified by adding value to the healthcare encounter and patient experience. It emphasizes the importance of accountability to deliver good process to improve clinical practice skills (VBC is the value counterpart of evidence-based practice). It is more than just an initiative. It has become the way healthcare (including cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation) is being delivered.”

To this end, the VBC set out to and accomplished the following in 2018

  • Resource Repository: http://www.aacvpr.org/VBC-Value-Based-Care
  • Affiliate Leader Partnership: The 2018 Affiliate Leadership Forum was held on Saturday June 9 – Sunday June 10, 2018, in Chicago, IL.
  • VBC Webinars:
    • June 4 | Facilitating the Referral and Participation of Eligible Patients to Outpatient Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation presented by Jonathan Whiteson and Tammy Garwick
      • 395 live webcast registrants + 256 webcast recording orders
    • June 27 | Group Screening Through Value Based Management Principles– Heather Shuster and Emily O’Shaughnessy
      • 275 live webcast registrants + 344 webcast recording orders
    • July 24 | Continuous ECG Telemetry Monitoring in Cardiac Rehabilitation: Matching the Need to the Patient – Robert Berry and Clare Lamorte
      • 461 live webcast registrants + 321 webcast recording orders
  • Million Hearts Cardiac Rehab Change Package

We hope many of you took advantage of the webinars as well as the turnkey strategies listed on the website to guide you to improve the delivery of care in your programs. We hope each of you has a copy of the Cardiac Rehab Change Package to help you implement strategies to improve the delivery of care in your programs.

But, we will not rest on our successes. In an effort to streamline our efforts, we have combined the Healthcare Reform Committee and the Value-Based Care Committee. I would like to thank all those who served on both committees for their tireless work toward accomplishing the 2018 goals and laying the groundwork for 2019. We are committed to continuing the efforts to build resources with our Affiliates and liaison organizations. We are committed to expanding the breath of the resources to include pulmonary rehabilitation. We are committed to the following deliverables for 2019.

  • Create two turnkey strategies for Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Develop a VBC presentation for the 2019 Affiliate Leadership Forum
  • Create three new webinars on VBC turnkey strategies for CR/PR
  • Create at least one VBC presentation for the 2019 Annual Meeting
We understand this is ambitious, but we are confident that our efforts are driven by your commitment to your success of your patients and your programs.


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