Check Out the Annual Course Offerings from the Behavioral Change Subcommittee


Check Out the Annual Course Offerings from the Behavioral Change Subcommittee


By Emily Gathright, PhD

The Behavior Change subcommittee is excited to offer some creative and timely programming in Portland!

Pre-Conference Workshop:  An exciting collaboration across the tracks will explore the current state of the science on support tobacco cessation amongst our patients and provide excellent guidance and hands-on training designed for CR/PR professionals to support tobacco cessation efforts with their patients.

Thursday, September 19: Have you ever noticed a patient with the best intentions struggling to curb overeating more than others? On Thursday morning, Carly Goldstein, PhD will provide new insights on how to assess and support problematic eating amongst CR/PR patients in “How Problematic Eating Behaviors can Undermine Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Patients’ Weight Loss Efforts: Challenges to Detection and Treatment.”

Did you have lingering questions after reviewing the latest psychosocial chapter in the newest Pulmonary Guidelines?  On Thursday afternoon, Kent Eichenauer, PsyD, Maria Buckley, PhD and Therese Shumaker, MA, NCTTP, RDN, will update members on the Psychosocial section of the latest Pulmonary Guidelines. This will be a great time to ask questions about how to best support the psychosocial needs of your pulmonary patients!

Friday, September 20: Leanne Levin, PhD, MSc, MA and  Amy Knight, PhD will discuss practical suggestions to increase patient participation in their own care and decrease barriers to adherence through group interventions in “Practical Suggestions for Positive Outcomes: The Benefits of Group Intervention for Cardiac and Pulmonary Patients.”

Later on Friday, Samantha Farris, PhD will lead discussion on the assessment and treatment of fear of exercise in patients attending cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, as part of the Rapid Fire session entitled “Fear of Exercise in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation: Patient and Practitioner Perspectives.”

Saturday, September 21: Eva Serber, PhD will round out the Behavior Change Track offerings with an enlightening discussion of how important increasing positive emotions can be to your physical health in “Positive Psychology: Health and Happiness.” She will teach us all some simple interventions to use with our patients for overall health and happiness.